Friday, April 22, 2016

All The Rage

They're smelly, puffy, sticky and cheap, and my children want them OH.SO.BADLY. It's all the rage in our world. They're sticker albums, and it's the thing that makes them do their chores quickly and whip through more pages of schoolwork than ever before. Every kid wants to trade them and my sister and I have got this thing mastered. We figure it's an easy reward and even an inexpensive gift and so, we scour dollar stores and craft stores for the latest and greatest. Sticker power is in our hands and we're rolling with it! What we didn't expect, after I'd found my old album from grade seven, is that we'd join the exchange and the competition would end up being between the mommas--history repeats itself :)

serious business
 smelling the "smellies"
"I'd like this one, please."
 a few of my favourites 
Holly's son, Ben begged her to get a book to trade with him since his brother, Sam became more of a collector than a trader--AND, he was not about to trade with 2 year-old sister, Clara, who was not a "real person". Holly obliged, and thus began the sister trade. All of our kids were thrilled. While I joined the fun simply to make my kiddos happy, Holly actually has a page of "untradeables" and won't budge on them!
 Oliver and Ben became daring and traded whole pages! Wish I'd caught the laughter over those deals.
 involving Clara and trying to teach her that she has to give one in return
Emily being sweet with her little cousin
A page from my old album (31 years old!). Remember these?
Did you trade stickers as a kid? Do your kids trade or collect?

The sticker rage is growing and it has spread to our co-op group and gym class. No one can wait to get out and trade. They're learning who makes the best deals, who really is just a collector and who gives away for free. The momma-chatter is now centred around which store and which aisle and what chores did your kids do before you woke up this morning? Simple joys. 


Holly Leis said...

To everyone who invites my kid to a birthday party : Be forewarned before you send out the invites that your child will be definitely be receiving a sticker book from us, complete with several packs of stickers. I fully expect that birthday child to reciprocate that gift with a little gift for MY kids .... sticker trading with them. And so begins our efforts to turn their entire friend-group into sticker trading maniacs.

Katy said...

That is so much fun! :) I didn't know sticker books were a recent "thing"! :) I make stickers (I have an etsy shop)! Who doesn't love STICKERS!? :)