Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Big Surprise

It's a family affair, this trailer hauling. We each share this "hotel on wheels" all summer long and haul it to wherever we desire. This winter, Mom and Dad trailed that beast all the way to our sun-shiny destination and we each stayed a week or so until real life called us home. Since we had the privilege of being the last family before my husband's parents arrived again, we decided to put some elbow grease into the tiny property and surprise them.

Before: (palm trees, I miss you!)

clean up

everyone helped (Meghan also took a lot of photos)

green thumbed girl... I mean, red thumbed :)


we chose red mulch because it matched the neighbours on either side and, it's Florida-ish :)

we added just a few flowers because the soil wasn't the best

Surprise, Mom and Dad! We love you! Enjoy your month.


Anna said...

Nice red hands!! What a great surprise- you landscapers, you! I'm sure your parents will love it!

Sarah* said...

Your family is wonderful. That's all:)

C Laman said...

Thats awesome! Looks great!

PS. Ironically my word verifier is "passion"

Camille said...

Wow...looks great! Love that last shot. :)