Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Man Who Leads

We're clamouring over steep rocks at the end of the trail and all the while my little boy is warning his sisters to be careful. He's telling them, "Hold onto the branches and don't slip", and "I'm okay, Mommy, you don't need to hold onto me." When we finally reach the end, the girls beat him to the path and begin to run. My desperate boy cries out, "Wait! I want to lead!" I have to call them back and as he runs ahead I give a quick explanation. I tell them that their four year-old brother is beginning to sense his God-given responsibility to take care of the girls in his life and that we should allow him opportunity to do that. I tell them it's good for them to lead too, in different areas of their lives, but with him being younger than all of them, we must look for times we can let him practice. A competitive spirit is not the same but it's pretty obvious to all of us he's feeling like a protector today.

Why is my son eager to lead his much older sisters? Because he watches his Daddy. My husband leads our family as a man of integrity. He loves to involve our children in his activities from fixing something to gardening to golf. He trains them by teaching them things step by step or by disciplining them. They feel secure in his love and in the boundaries he's set for them. His girls know they're protected and his son recognizes that one day this same role will be his.

On this Father's Day, I honour my husband who leads me to be a better wife and mother. And as the words of the song below state, you do lead us with strong hands. And it's all because you rely on your Heavenly Father for your strength.
Happy Father's Day, Babe!
...and to all the Dads who are leading their families with the Lord's strength.


Anonymous said...

I love how you are teaching your daughters this - especially in a world of woman "empowerment", I think many woman are growing up to feel that we don't need our men - so backwards from what God has designed for us. I will look for opportunities to teach my little men as well! :)

Anna said...

That is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE songs lately. It's in my head constantly. I lOVE it! Great post. Yeah, Terry, yeah! None of us could do this on our own!

Craig and Bethany said...

Oh Heather, this is so so good. A good man is hard to find and true masculinity a lost art. Your husband and you are very wise. I'm taking notes!

Camille said...

How wonderful it is to have a godly man to lead your family Heather! What a blessing from the LORD!!! Precious about your little boy...oh how quickly they grow into your men! :)

Love to you!

Meghan said...

What a fantastic song! SO catchy too!

I agree that Daddy is daily trying his best to be the greatest leader ever. And in all perspectives, he is!


Emily, it seems as though you'll never grow out of this kind of outfit (ideal in your opinion :o): cowgirl boots with a wintery-cotton dress with leggings and maybe the odd necklace or bracelet.
I love you all.
Great post and photos as always, Mommy :o)

MEghan <><