Sunday, June 5, 2011

She Turned Nine

I embraced her this morning and I remembered holding her close in that hospital room, nine years earlier. I could hardly contain my joy that this little one belonged to me. I had already become a mommy three years and two months earlier but a miscarriage had separated my two babies born here on earth. Light flooded in through the maternity room window that day and I lifted her sweet-smelling forehead to my face. I pressed my lips to her wrinkly, soft, newborn brow and inhaled her deeply. And now, here she is today, so big and grown up but with the kiss of God still lingering on her forehead. At bedtime, my husband and I still savour Molly's fresh baby smell :)

We enjoyed a birthday party with her two favourite friends, Madison and Emma, as well as, her siblings. The girls decorated the cake and ran through an obstacle course. We sang Happy Birthday many times and Molly, always giggling and full of joy, made us laugh with her addition to the song. She was so gracious with her words as she opened her gifts and my heart was happy even though I desired to hold my baby again :)

God bless you my sweet girl!
Thank you for making our home a place of joy and laughter.
I love you so very much.


Julze said...

What a precious gift from God......
Happy 9th Birthday Molly!

The Maretzki Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!! That is one cool cake.

jeana said...

She's so beautiful! Happy Birthday Molly!

Anna said...

She just makes me laugh looking at her pictures!!! Hope she had a great birthay!!! That's a nice looking cake!

Camille said...

P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!! Happy birthday Molly! Our Emma was born the same year (just a few months earlier)...what joy! The party looked fabulous! Wonderful photos to remember the day by. :)


my name is kimberley said...

will our arms always long to hold them? :) going through the same struggle but my last little one is only-almost-two.

a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl...praying for a wonderful year ahead for her.