Monday, November 14, 2011

A Couple Of Requests

I pick up the teaspoon and stir the orange pekoe slowly as I listen to little voices drifting in from the living room. I hold the spoon still for a moment, as I realize my husband is doing bedtime prayers with my two middle girls. Molly's voice is soft and she sounds thoughtful but I can only make out a few words; some are about Christmas. She ends with, "And, I'm going to cancel the iPod Touch."

Well, phew! I suppose I can cross that off my list, lol!

Next is Emily, and again, I can only catch bits and pieces. She's thanking God, with fervor, for the coconut I just bought her at the grocery store. She had asked for it for a few weeks and I finally said yes. She was so excited to try something new but being bedtime, we told her she must wait until tomorrow. Then, attached to her gratitude for the tropical delicacy, she adds, "I'm sorry that's it's really not big enough to share with my family."

I peek around the corner and catch my husband's contorted expression. He stops her in her tracks, "Hey! I think you can share your coconut with us."

Emily closes her eyes and continues, with all seriousness, "And, please, help me to get up before seven so Daddy doesn't eat my coconut before he goes to work. Amen."

Who is raising these children anyway? :)
I will be sad when their prayers become less amusing, lol!


1044. innocent prayer and the faith that God will do it!
1045. developmentally delayed simplicity in answering questions from my story (at Friendship Club)
1046. Reese Peanut Butter Cups (have I mentioned that one before?)
1047. pre-teens and their antics during Christmas play practice
1048. a very patient drama teacher (you rock, Lisa)
1049. knowing that God is breaking generational strongholds
1050. all the new babies in our church (I want to keep them all :)
1051. my in-laws, who faithfully run Friendship Club, with passion
1052. a "word of knowledge" that blew me away (God cares enough to tell someone else about a negative belief I needed to deal with)
1053. Adventures In Odyssey
1054. clothes and cool toys that are constantly passed to Oliver by his cousin (thanks, Braden!)
1055. art ideas from the talented Miss Tanya--thank you, Friend!xo

Yes, Oliver is drying his art with his helicopter propeller :)



The Maretzki Family said...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.....mmmmmmmm :)

Anonymous said...

The pic of Oliver made me laugh - thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Love the prayers! Great that you record them - even if it's just pieces. Thanks for saving one or two Reese in that box you gave us!!! (we love them too)

Camille said... too??? It's not on my list...I suppose I should add it!!! LOL!

Love to you!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

1049. knowing that God is breaking generational strongholds

I just rejoice every time I read something like this. So thankful that everything is new in Christ!