Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unexpected Pleasures

Raking leaves into a pile.
Crispy, paper-thin bits of nature that bring pure joy.
I tell them to start a leaf fight with each other.
They gather arms-full.
But wait, where are they going?
oh dear.
I pass the camera to Emily and brush off the leaf confetti.
That's it... I'm so gonna get that boy!
(Emily would rather take pics anyway)
Don't even think about it!
Ha! You're all mine to do with you as I please!
You must now be buried in leaves for tricking Mommy!
He doesn't really mind :)
Big sisters join in the fun.
Leaf wrestle!
Has anyone seen Meghan?
Crazy-haired raker.
Everyone goes at it.
Interesting shot... each girl went down for an arm-full but the photo looks like another matter, doesn't it?

1034. trees emptying of their goodness for us
1035. sibling play
1036. surprisingly warm days in November
1037. Christmas play rehearsals
1038. making chili for the first time and it turning out deliciously
1039. school bazaars and the baked goods there (and I will try not to buy too many--but it's for a good cause, right?)
1040. honest and forth-right people who make me laugh
1041. how God loves our questions, even our admitting we're angry with Him (He can deal with it and will reveal His truth!)
1042. Women Of Faith conference!!! Such a blast again!
1043. unexpected pleasure of my two little ones deciding together, in a split second, to turn on me and bury me in leaves--so hilarious :)


Alyssa said...

lol! looks like fun! :D

The Maretzki Family said...

Oh, that made me smile! :D Cute pictures - Emily's a good photographer!


Traci Michele said...

Oh my. Pure Joy! What fun... what family is all about! Thank you for sharing, you are a blessing!

I've learned grace from you, by the way. Thanks for living a grace-filled life!


Camille said...

FUN post my friend! Sweet photos of your precious family! I think your children are going to have fabulous memories of these kinds of days! Thank you for sharing your joy-filled moments with your lovely family. :)

Love to you!
Camille xo

Anna said...

Inspiring, fun picutres of you playing with your children in the leaves. I love it that you got Oliver back!!

jeana said...

TOO much fun! You all loook so happy, praise God for such blessings!

Pure Perseverance said...

One of my favs so far. I love seeing family enjoy each other like that. Its encouraging!