Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Fresh Perspective

The trees above us swirled and dropped bits of their autumn garments like lint falling from pockets. A sweeping gust of wind broke through the hedge of maples to our left and Annie warned, "Are you ready?"
Ready for what? I wondered.
Just then, our iron, bird-watching perch began to move and we swayed as the tree we were attached to lurched with that gust. I mustered the resolve to ignore the guttural uneasiness and to continue the search for unique migratory creatures.
Only 17 feet up but feeling oh so tippy-top!

"Usually," Annie told me, "I sit up on this platform alone with my Bible and binoculars."
I didn't know that and it inspired me. She shared her private location with me so I could experience the breathtaking scenery she loves. However, the rare birds were elusive that day. She was disappointed for me, but since I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for any treasure,  I took with me a fresh perspective of my friend and her heart. That was worth the quiet wait, indeed.


Karen said...

That's so cool. We all need one of those . . . close enough to be able to slip away and far enough to enjoy peace and quiet! I'm a tad jealous! :)

jeana said...

Oh how I love this!! You're posts always capture me. I see God in every one friend. Enjoy your stillness in God.

Camille said...

Just beautiful my friend! Our Great God is so creative!!