Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Good Character

"I want to be God," Oliver stated and I almost choked on my Early Grey tea.

"Pardon me?" I retorted and checked the rear view mirror (yep, the van is where all our best conversations occur). It quickly dawned on me that he was referring to his costume for the church party. "Oh! And what does God look like, exactly? I don't think they sell that type of costume."

He continued, "You know, Mommy, the kind of scarf that goes across His body?"

Ah, yes, he was talking about the pictures he'd seen of Jesus. I set my tea in the cupholder and offered my boy some hope, "Yes, Buddy, I think we can pull that off."

Later my son chose to be a knight donning the armour of God (Ephesians 6) and what a
sweet, sword-wielding knight that boy was.

Boy in the Armour of God
Our Angel 
Pharaoh's Daughter  
Pharaoh's daughter, a.k.a. Emily, was insistent that we remember that she knew baby Moses was a Hebrew--a bit of information she'd just learned and was determined to incorporate into her overall character. Our angel, Molly, spoke of heaven all evening. It just kept coming up in conversation and I think she may have been getting some revelation on the subject in that outfit :) The Mad Hatter, well, she was so proud of her costume as she had scrounged through her closet and my craft fabric and put together the whole character. In the end, Meghan had to hold onto her hat, but she was pleased nonetheless. She joined a couple of friends for some doorbell ringing this year. 
 Mad Hatter (hat designed by Meg) 
Rubber Chicken Company performing at our church's party. 
Joshua enjoys the show. 

Glow-in-the-dark puppet show 
Cartoon Story 
Angel and Oliver are mesmerized. 
Kyla is chosen to play a game. 
Emily wins best costume for 6-7 year olds!
Oliver and Jax (Superman) are chosen to play a game. 
Molly enjoys the show in deep concentration. 
Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Emma--two fabulous women who work so hard for our children.
Another year accomplished and with gratitude we applaud our church staff on their incredible efforts to make this often controversial evening so much good, clean fun for our kids.


jeana said...

How fun! I love all of their choices, and the mad hatter?! So creative!!

Michele Snook said...

You guys look great! Meg, you did an awesome job on you costume.

Michele said...
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Anna said...

Awesome costumes! They all suit the one wearing them so well!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh they all look adorable...

We've been donning the armor of God over here!

Camille said...

Your photos are always beautiful my friend. What a blessing to have these memories to cherish!

With Love,

Taylor Wise said...

Those are some amazing costumes! I am impressed!