Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mission Sunday and Facing Goliath

They sang their hearts out in celebration of all of the many, many countries represented in our church and for the missions that we support around the world. We're teaching them young that Jesus loves people so very much that we need to tell everyone!
Our visiting missionary and his wife asked for a small volunteer and Oliver jumped up and shouted, "I'M small!" Everyone laughed and the man told him to come up and act out a skit. He was to be David, the shepherd boy.
Oliver insisted on showing off his fighting skills and flexed and jumped around in the face of the big boy chosen to be Goliath.
It got a little silly and Mommy and Daddy were slightly embarrassed but the congregation laughed and laughed. No need to worry about lack of confidence in this lad! Hope the point got across!
Praise God for our missionaries!

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