Wednesday, October 16, 2013

People To Love

My heart is overwhelmed with the kind of gratitude that makes me shake my head. The Lord has healed and delivered and protected our precious family. I have the very best. Yes, I may be biased, but I'm so thankful for all these amazing people to love, big and little.
1424. extended family connection
1425. how little girl additions make everything a good kind of different :)
1426. how they don't need a big pool to have a whole lot of fun together
1427. the way this family loves on babies like they're the greatest treasures on earth
1428. the never-dying friendship of these two girls (since birth)
1429. these two and how they adore our kiddos
1430. her budding photography skills
1431. how a little one brings out the sweetness in all the cousins
1432. that they joined us for Thanksgiving and brightened our day
1433. the way she cares for her baby like a pro
1434. how she goes from little lady to tough and crazy wrestler with her brother, in an instant
1435. the adoration she has for all kids younger than herself
1436. the spunk and energy of this one
1437. the instant camera pose of this one
1438. how she wiped out about 4 times and still wanted to keep going
1439. how that determination finally paid off
1440. daddies who love on babies
1441. toothless grins
1442. how he lets me take his picture even though he doesn't really like it :)
1443. how someone said we look like someone is missing--I feel that way frequently (hmmm... Lord?)
1444. for leaf-throwing joy!
Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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