Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Post-Adoption Peace

She asked if the adoptive parents would allow her to "babysit" her little girl with me. She wanted to feel like a mom for just a few hours during her weekend visit. Those fabulous people said, yes, and dropped their baby off at my house, laughed and gave us her schedule and diaper bag and scooted out the door to visit friends. I closed the door behind them and was astounded at their security and grace. I took photos and helped Julie change Alexandria's diaper for the first time. The excited birth-momma lovingly bounced the baby on her lap and snuggled her and looked her over to memorize every inch.
Since God was the author of this adoption and Julie willingly obeyed what she had heard in her prayers to Him, she is in total peace about the life her little girl is living--mostly without her. That weekend, she also shared her story to one hundred and fifty financial supporters at a gala dinner for the pregnancy support centre that had been instrumental in helping her through this crisis. Like a relay racer, she took the baton from the faithful mentors in her life and continues to encourage other pregnant girls to consider the beautiful life that open adoption can provide.
My children and I waved goodbye as Julie and her friend backed out of our driveway to begin the eight hour journey home. It was a good weekend, the kind you praise the Lord for because you can already see the fruit of prayer, fasting and late-night emotional conversations. Two little girls left my home that weekend, one the mother of the other, but both with a new future. Because Julie placed her trust in God's plan, she gave hope and life to a brand new person on this earth.


Camille said...

Beautiful post my friend. How precious it is that little ones are given life when often it is taken. God is Good! Hugs to you! Camille

jeana said...

Just beautiful. I wondered how everything was going! I really love how both mama's placed their trust in God. What a blessed baby!!

Anna said...

What a blessing adoption is! It's great that she is able to share her story, and it's beautiful that she is so at peace!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh this is so amazing.