Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Importance of the Tabernacle

It was parent day at co-op and once again, Mrs. H. had our children ready to give an answer for what they believe. They shared every detail of the tabernacles they had built and learned about. Most importantly, they knew that with Jesus' coming in the New Testament, the sacrifices for our sins by the blood of animals were exchanged for the spotless lamb--God's Son. We no longer have to go through a priest to confess and be forgiven. Jesus died once for all and we are free in Him! The comparison was a strong visual for them... and us!  
Thanks so much, Mrs. H. for all you do!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Leaf-Blower Laughter

She packs her cheeks with large grapes and resembles a pre-hibernation chipmunk. I've seen her do it with marshmallows too and it's belly-laughing entertainment for my husband's side of the family. Today, she trumped her cheeky tricks and brought the leaf blower she received as a Mother's Day gift and blew us all away... literally :)
Queen-of-all-cheeky-lady, Leanne (you do invent good times around here).
She coached us to also open our eyes for a flappier look but in the end, she was the only one able to accomplish this feat so frightfully.
Oliver couldn't resist the dry-mouthed fun.
 I couldn't stop laughing whilst that tornadic wind nearly knocked the breath out of me. 
 Braden, having a blast!
 Leanne attempted to get Kevin to relax a little more and let the flesh flow, but it only resulted in a wide-cheeked silent opera singer.
 Rob's face was perfectly loose and supple--just right for the task.
Kim raised her hand in surrender after she received a large, gusty blast.
 My husband drove his face into the wind and I'm not sure his bottom lip will ever be able to
sip through a straw again.
Leanne, proudly displaying her tool of joy and cause of all the leaf-blowin' laughter. Happy Mother's Day to my hysterical sister-in-law and dear friend.
To all moms out there who are celebrating the amazing occupation that includes small people (and big), God bless you. And, to the women who love on kiddos who aren't their own, you mean the world to us.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Good Stuff

Memories I don't want to forget...
Oliver and Sara 
Maysie and Emily
funny and sweet :)
dear friend, Lily
Cousin Kevin and Leigh's wedding
First pic of a Pileated Woodpecker! Blurry because it's cropped zoomed in from very far away :)
Retreat Girls
Brooke's Ivory Soap experiment
hard at work
Silent Reading Time in the school room
yummy fun at Yogurtys
good friends at Yogurtys
soil experiment
peeking in on one of Meg's seminars at our homeschool convention
Our "backyard" fox. Here he is across the road.
Mama Dove on her nest
Sibling Squish
Molly's collection
Oliver looking for more
my curly girlies
knitting and sewing in the sunshine
Aaron and Hilary
Molly's surprise homemade breakfast for everyone
Competition details
Molly's self-portrait
being goofy
our annual marshmallow-Shreddies nest and eggs
visiting Oma
"Finnigan is reading, Mommy!"
Marching Molly at sunset
Emily in evening light

Monday, May 6, 2013

Before The Leaves

Before the leaves push through their budding cocoons, before their foliage dresses the woods, we make our way again and again to the great outdoors because the heavens declare the glory of God. My children (and whomever decides to join us) race their bikes, stroll boardwalks, and skip through meadows while I attempt to capture the birds before they become hidden among the leaves.  
1324. Tree Swallows
1325. How she was brave enough to try out Meg's big bike. 
1326. How he's ALWAYS up for biking.
1327. Spotting this fellow in the middle of the day. Oh, hello :)
1328. How Meg and Cousin Mackenzie connect through dance and gymnastics
1329. Palm Warblers
 1330. For the bravery of Cousin Bailey (just before that swam bit her :)
 1331. Snapping Turtles
 1332. Yellow-Rumped Warblers (female, I believe)
 1333. for finding love in the woods.
 1334. White-Crowned Sparrows
1335. Chipping Sparrows
 1336. Savannah Sparrows (I believe)
1337. Yellow-Rumped Warblers (Male)
 1338. How birdie wives are never far from their husbands :) Yellow-Rumped Warbler (female)
 1339. White-Throated Sparrows
 1340. Brown Thrashers
1341. Barn Swallows
 1342. Song Sparrows (I believe)
1343. How they taught Mackenzie not to be afraid of the chickadees landing... she just held out a plastic spoon filled with seeds!
 1344. Spotted Sandpipers
1345.  Phoebes and how they sing their own names.
 1346. How there are bigger Bird-Nerds than me (Annie and Glenn) and they're always teaching me.
 1347. How this guy shocks me with his vivid colour each time I see him.
Red-bellied Woodpecker (male)
1348. Finding more love in the woods.
1349. How Hairy Woodpeckers (this one, male) are bigger and have longer beaks than Downys.
1350. How the call of  Northern Flickers can be heard afar off. Makes me go on a hunt for him!
 1351. How Molly was so amused that this Chickadee was turning to pose for me instead of eating.
 1352. Cedar Wax-wings. Looks like they're having a conversation... "You don't say!"
 1353. Wow! Even more love in the woods.
1354. How Maysie and her brother, Calvin, can spot birds quicker than anyone and know their calls.
1355. How she can make a walk fun for all involved and how she must take
 photos all along the way too!
 1356. How this friendly bunny stood like that for a minute in the backyard of Valerie, Ashanti, and Julie's home.
1357. How Valerie and Julie ("my" girls) have changed our lives and taught us so much.
1358. Can you believe there's so much love in the woods?
Phew! That's a whole lot of hiking and strolling these past three weeks.