Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Taste Of Canada

I love Canada. I love that our country is free because many soldiers fought for that freedom. I love that it was founded on godly principles. I love that it is inclusive of other nationalities who attempt to move here. I love that our land is vast and beautiful. I love that our paper money smells like maple syrup :)  I love the traditions that flow from the landscape and animals and resources discovered here long ago. Tapping trees to make maple syrup is one such tradition. Each year we visit the sugar bush to enjoy  learning about the process and taste-testing the syrup, but this spring, my brother-in-law tapped the trees in his backyard and we experienced the double joy of getting up close and personal with the "farmer", as well as, playing with cousins.

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Holly said...

Heather, that is beautiful. So glad you guys came over to help and sample the liquid gold. :) PARTICULARLY love the picture of Sam, Ben and Oliver and the plank.