Sunday, April 26, 2015

Giddy For Spring

"Mommy, come see!"
They know how to get me up out of my chair. Admittedly, I can get lost in my reading or conversation with a friend and ignore my children's attempts to get my attention when I'm needing a break. However, they've got it figured out that pointing out a new bird or fresh evidence of spring makes me giddy and so they use that ploy. Sometimes it's real and sometimes it's devised, but I'll give them points just for trying. ;)  My children also know it doesn't take much to convince me that we should all pile into the truck, loaded with bikes and scooters and head to the woods or park. Schoolwork completed first, of course :)
Since spring is the long-awaited sigh of relief after a very cold, seemingly eternal winter, every sign of it is like one more blossom in our basket of spring hopefulness. Every still-cool day and every rainy one causes us to long even more for the predictably warm and balmy weeks ahead. Nevertheless, we've taken our chances and ventured to our favourite spots to gather more hope. 
When the snow was teasing us with its melting and then returned once more.
Mama watches with joy as her swing-set is being used once again.
Tufted titmouse at my mom's. LOVE seeing new birds (to us) when it seems we've exhausted all our learning about the regular visitors there.
Sliding into the creek at "Auntie" Sandee's and their new puppy trying to rescue him.
 Favourite pastime, if you hadn't noticed :)
What we tend to ignore all summer and fall is like a gem in the spring when you're anxiously looking for signs that winter is over.
Happy to wave at the caterpillar but doesn't want to touch. We'll train her soon enough :)
God's handiwork draws me to worship at every turn.
This killdeer fakes a broken wing to lure us away from his wife who stands over their nest of eggs.
First two eggs, the next day three, and a couple days later, we counted four!
We try not to bother them (too much).
 Night Heron. A couple of trees full of fourteen of them! A wow factor indeed, for all of us.
 My first brown creeper. LOVE that Emily pointed him out. She catches things quicker than anyone.
 LOVE the kind birdwatchers who came to find us just to show us this Eastern Screech Owl. Another first!
Cute little menace :)
I cannot express my giddiness over the exploratory adventures we will encounter in the coming days.
   Happy Spring! XO 

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Jill said...

Love these photos! We are a nature loving family as well! So thankful Spring is starting to show it signs :-) Have a lovely day!