Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thoughts on Easter

I lifted the spoon to her mouth and she smiled. I'd made her some chickpea salad and she approved. I was thankful because besides tucking her into bed and feeding her, I didn't know how else to humanly help her. However, I am grateful that my sister-in-law's Creator cares more for her than any of us in the family do. Her life has been lifted over and over to the Lord in supplication for healing. Now, she is spiritually suspended in prayer because, with the myriad of people who love her, I suspect prayer never ceases on her behalf.
This was the first Easter we didn't gather as a family on my husband's side of the family.
I got the text early in the morning that my mom's brother had passed away. He'd been in the hospital for over two years and was never quite well enough to make it home to recover. We reunited as a family at the funeral and I was reminded once again how important family is to God. It's the safe place He created for people to feel loved when perhaps they're not finding it in the world. That was Easter weekend.
It was the first time my family didn't celebrate with dinner at my Mom's either.  
My dear friend's eleven year-old daughter lay in the hospital with a tumour in her leg. Seven months of intense chemo and surgeries is what the doctors stated would be her lot. They weren't prepared for the excruciating pain and illness they'd witness in their little Ella, their only child. Mom, Dad and daughter living in a small hospital room for weeks was almost unbearable as the bone had snapped right then and there and she was placed in traction.
This year changed everything for this precious family. 
I watched as our friend hung on the cross heaving and acting the part of his Lord in our church musical. Knowing it was Steve didn't deter me from the powerful reminder of the torture Jesus endured for my forgiveness and how He was resurrected to give me eternal life. Easter lives in my heart daily. It's not a weekend, it's not a dinner, it's not even family. I am alive and free because of Jesus. I am forgiven and can face all my tomorrows because of His great love. Easter didn't happen for us on the traditional day it's set for, but that doesn't matter. My uncle's recent passing to his eternal home, my sister-in-law's life, and little Ella's future are all in the adoring hands of their Saviour. Easter makes hope possible. It makes joy possible in the midst of sorrow. Easter makes suffering bearable because it is short-lived. This does not minimize pain or struggle, nor does it mean God doesn't heal. But, it allows me to believe that because there's so much more to life than this tiny planet and this finite amount of time, I can rest in knowing Easter makes all the difference.


1791. getting together the following week and her hiding places for eggs :)
1792. blonde beauties
1793. scouring for eggs together
1794. how these two still snuggle their big kids
1795. family friendships
1796. her faithfulness in visiting her brother before he passed away
1797. shaking and doing whatever one can to get the eggs
1798. the way he's always interested in the kids and what they have to say
1799. never too big for an egg hunt
1800. how she's kept that basket for about 9 years!
1801. teaching little ones to collect
1802. his love for toddlers and babies
1803. catching a sharing moment?
1804. the way they had the whole place combed in a matter of minutes
1805. stealth mode 
1806. for pretty spring cakes (my mom asked for it :)
1807. how it only took about 5 attempts to get a photo with everyone looking and smiling

1808. for hope and joy in the midst of trying times


Anna said...

Sorry for what you're all going through, friend. I love your last gratitude; that just says it all!

MAMA said...

Thank you for the pretty Resurrection Day Cake Heather! It was prettier than expected - perfect! I love pretty things - like you!
Love Mom xo

Camille said...

Such lovely photos of such a beautiful family! What sweet memories you are making my friend. So sorry to learn of all the sorrows your family is going through these days. May the Lord surround you continually with His grace and peace and give you His strength to follow Him in this valley. My favourite verses in the deep waters are found in Isaiah 43:1-3...I trust you will be blessed in them as well. Hugs to you! With love, Camille