Thursday, December 10, 2009


Advent: a season of waiting. We've been reading about the coming of the most amazing person in history and, at the same time, watching the window for a sign of snow. Finally, the snow arrived and the kids bundled up and threw fall-apart snow balls and made angels with just a touch of grass peeking through. They didn't mind. The waiting had been satisfied.
But I've been wondering how to truly get across the importance of the birth of the Ultimate Sacrifice. We've been reading, making ornaments, praying, talking about His coming, but I wasn't sure if it was getting through to them. They are happy to focus on Jesus and not on commercialism and Santa but is His coming penetrating their hearts? Is it really penetrating my heart?
This morning I told them a story about a little girl who went to school without breakfast. I shared with them that although she was hearing about Christmas, she would not likely be experiencing it because of the financial situation of her family. We talked about the many families in our area who will be in the same predicament. How can we share God's love? We decided that they would do special jobs to make extra money for gifts for at least one family. We talked about how Jesus dwells inside of us and forgives us and we need to share Him. Molly began to cry and said she had felt sorry for things she had done and she confessed them to God. It was a touching moment when she realized this God, the One who forgives her, is the One who loves these people and sent Jesus for them. Slowly, the reality of Him began to move them and I knew we were all finally getting the picture just a little clearer. O Come, O Come Emmanuel.


Camille said...

Now that is beautiful Heather! Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us. THAT's what it's all about!! The Lord Jesus Christ and HIS sacrifice of love and "save His people from their sins"...powerful and wonderful Saviour!

Have a beautiful day in HIM Heather!

With Love,

Dancing Princess said...

That's a good title! Finally you have writen a post! By the way, how did you change your comment text?
Love you


sgm said...

What a blessed friend you are. Reminding us to focus on Him not the hustle and bustle. He gave us this season, why do we try to take it back and make it ours? Thank you for encouraging me to give it back to Him! We wait...