Sunday, December 27, 2009

Because He Lives

It's because He was born that we do this thing called Christmas. It's because He died and lives that we find meaning in our journey and hope for our future. It's because He cares for us that we find guidance when we've lost our way. It's because He loves us that we find comfort when we don't understand life. These are the reasons why we teach our children about God's Son, Jesus.
This Christmas week, we will have had two funerals to attend. Untimely deaths to our understanding and yet so timely for focusing on the One who gives life and who calls His saints home. We remember these dear people as we celebrate the One who now reigns in heaven and to whom our loved ones are now worshiping in person! Because He lives, we can face tomorrow.


Camille said...

Beautiful post...thanks again for touching this heart Heather! So sorry for your wonderful that your loved ones are HIS and safely HOME! Such comfort in that thought isn't there?

I left you a little response to your comment on my blog...only get to it when you have a chance. We are in the same boat (hockey) it seems! :)

I will pray for you as you have funerals to attend...may God give the needed grace.


Heather said...

Thank you for leaving the beautiful note here. You're right, my father in law's passing was at a sad but perfect time...he's praising the Lord now and I thank God for hope.
Thanks for your love and support.