Monday, December 14, 2009

"Our Home Is Lost"

He's been in the van, making stops, running errands and paying visits to family. His little two year-old mind and body are tired and he cries out to me, in the front seat, "Our home is lost! We can't find it anywhere!"
We do eventually end up finding our home :)
This season begins early and continues on, long past Jesus' birthday. I race to gather what I need from stores and little shops. I've set a goal to avoid the mall and purchase gifts elsewhere. I'm trying to maintain the joy this Christmas and to me, it ends in those long, busy hallways. With all the hustle and bustle, I keep returning to focus on Who it's all about. If I don't find Him daily during this season, I will undoubtedly fall prey to the stress that can be related to it all. Our home will be "lost" in the busyness. So, Little Man, it's when we fix our eyes on the real Meaning of the holidays, that we will never lose sight of our home.
(And so, it is with this focus, I continue my list of gifts from above...)

101. thankful for Friendship Club (for the developmentally disabled)

102. for still receiving snuggles from "big" kids

103. for gentle snow that leaves a light dusting

104. for cookie exchanges

105. for vast differences in my children's personalities

106. for family traits

107. for homemade skating rinks

108. for vanilla bean hot chocolate (with whipped cream)

109. for honest friends

110. for !

111. for little knitters during read-alouds

112. for the children's pastors and staff at our church (we love you!)

113. for a God who still performs miracles (we've experienced it!)

114. for clementines without seeds

115. for boys and girls who still act their ages and play like children

116. for a fresh slate every morning

117. for giggling, whispering sisters in their beds at night

118. for cousin sleep-overs

119. for the "Challenge Novels" by Carolyn (ask me about them!)

120. for the way God speaks to me through my children (Meghan, stay open to His Spirit!)


Heather said...
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Camille said...

Ohhh....vanilla bean hot chocolate...sounds YUMMY!!! :) Do you make it?

You asked about cookies...did you try the whipped shortbread??? That's REALLY easy and listed on my blog under recipes ~ desserts...also Chocolate Crinkle cookies are there...simple too. Let me know if you try them.

Have a wonderful week!

deb said...

oh, God speaks to me through my children. Even when I'm not trying to listen.

Pure Perseverance said...

Oh, I have missed you, Heather. Seems like I've been away for such a time. I do not want to get caught up in the craziness this year. I refuse to "lose" my house this year, lol! Ugghhh! I'm tired just thinking about it.

Uh... I'll be on up for that vanilla bean hot chocolate with whipped cream! That giggling, whispering stuff is sweet. Ok, I'm asking... what are the "challenge novels"?