Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting For Your Arrival

In dormant slumber they wait, tagged for adoption.
In coming days, these once-seedlings will stand straight and proud, thickening limbs and bustling leaves to allure you.
Come sweet springtime, come, they whisper as icicles crack from frozen branches and bare twigs assert early their buds.
Be ready, new parent, for they eagerly await your arrival.

196. Thankful for the beauty of our nursery in winter

197. the sound of the kettle boiling

198. the smell of early hyacinth bulbs in my kitchen

199. purging clothing

200. hoodies

201. painted toenails in the sand

202. snowflakes as big as loonies

203. children making a game out of cleaning together

204. Canada winning the most gold medals in the Olympics!

205. mint oreos that I'm NOT eating because I'm de-sugaring... again

206. people who willingly share their expertise on their websites

207. homemade pizza

208. second-hand store finds

209. praying friends

210. a husband who reads the Word daily

By the way, come by and pick out your new babies at


Camille said...

Such a lovely list Heather! God is so gracious and His mercies abound! #199 ~ purging clothing...I love that too! #204 ~ Canada winning the most gold...what a feat! :) #210 ~ Oh what a blessing!!

I enjoyed your newlywed post too incredibly lovely that God is blessing you in your marriage! Cherish it all...these are gifts from HIM!


The Maretzki Family said...

What a great list! Mint Oreos-LOL too funny! I agree with Camille, #210 is such a blessing and Canada winning the most gold medals is AWESOME! GO! CANADA! GO!

Have a great day!
In Him,

legendswife said...

oh...the anticipation!