Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Singing Family

We were asked to sing as a family at our Christmas Eve service and my husband said, yes. I was quite uncomfortable at the prospect, but we sang Amy Grant's, Breath Of Heaven. And though the song is quite serious, somehow managed to be humorous entertainment.
Our son took the opportunity to make his loud singing debut, amongst other hilarious antics, which could not be predicted when we practiced at home together. When we returned to our seats (me sighing relief), people were laughing and wiping tears from their eyes. Our friend had taken these photos and someone had video-taped. What I had prayed would touch hearts on this hallowed night, brought joy in a way I could not have understood. Thankfully, it's all done now :)


The Carmodys said...

Good for you Heather - way to leave your comfort zone and go for it!

Love the pictures but really want to see the video . . . please??


The Maretzki Family said...

I love your hair! Great pics, too! I like how Oliver sings. . . LOL!

Karen said...

Oh Heather how awesome.. have you guy sung for your church before? that is so cool.. what great memories you are making for your family.. God bless..
Well blessing for your 2011..
Swing by and say Hello when you get a chance.. God Bless

Craig and Bethany said...

Wish we could watch the video! That Oliver, I LOVE him. Really there's hardly a more precious gift than a good double-over, wipe-your-eyes, hilarious, laugh. Definitely Christmas worthy.

Wanting What I Have said...

No doubt it was PRECIOUS!!! :)

Mouse & Magoo said...

I might show the video on my will laugh your head right off!!

I hope you all have an awesome godly New Year, and get closer to God.

Jesus' richest blessin's to all!!!
Have a great night,

Heather said...

Oh dear, the video! If I could get it uploaded... somehow it's not working properly. A little embarassing and precious at the same time :)

Anna said...

I so want to see/hear that!! I love that song and I would love it even more hearing you guys singing it. I still remember you and Terr singing at our wedding and I often wondered why it's just been Terry hugging the mic- I imagine you guys were great!

Kelly said...

It was FABULOUS! The question I have is: "What did Oliver say into the mic as you were exiting the stage?" I couldn't hear over the clapping.


Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Kelly: Oliver said into the mic, "That was a GOOD job!" :) I had told him that if he stood there nicely on stage and sang into the mic properly, instead of pushing Emily out of the way and grabbing it (like he did in rehearsal), then he would get a prize when we got home. I usually just want him to listen without reward but this was a delicate situation and after I saw how he was during our practice (in love with the mic and wanting it all to himself)and with the performance at hand, it called for drastic measures. ha ha!