Saturday, December 18, 2010

How this Mommy learns virtues and practices fruits of the Spirit this Christmas season...

Gentleness is being soft with the one who doesn't want to be in the photos.
Self-control is not moving these ornaments to other various branches.
Patience is allowing my children to do most of the work in our baking.

Patience is waiting for these little guys to be baked so I can bite their legs off!

Goodness is allowing him to scoop up his marshmallows with his fingers and, not expecting him to drink it "properly"... just this once.

Faithfulness is re-telling the story of Jesus' birth over and over this year to be sure they never forget why they're here and where they're going.

Faith is believing we'll have a wonderful Christmas even if they break more ornaments.

Love is seeing his sweet little face framed between the soft, needle-y twigs.
Self-control is not grabbing one of those Gingerbread men and gobbling it up when she's not looking.

Peace is not fussing but just admiring the way he places them all carefully on the same branches.

Kindness is allowing my children to string some balls when I want to do them quickly and efficiently.

Humility is breaking an ornament after getting frustrated with Oliver for breaking at least six; then hearing him say, in a serious tone, "Mommy, if you keep breaking those, we're not going to be able to decorate the tree!"

Love is baking with my kiddos.
Joy is "cozying up" in a warm home with a lovely, mis-matched, unevenly kid-decorated tree and remembering that Jesus is the real reason that we celebrate in the first place.


gabe said...

beautiful post. . .

love the part about faithfulness. . .why they are here and where they are going. . .great!

The Maretzki Family said...

What a great post! I love how you can see the Fruit of the Spirit even in decorating a tree and baking yummy gingerbread cookies!

Annie said...

Amen! I loved this post. And the whole thing is LOVE in capital letters - the spirit of Christ shining through, born in our hearts. Merry Christmas!
Anna Belle

Jolanna said...

Such precious moments you are creating with your kiddies! They will have many fond memories to recall when they are older! It is all about the process and the fun along the way, not so much the final product! I loved your post!

Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE the pictures! Adore and appreciate the honesty! And totally relate to the struggles. Thanks for keeping it real! And btw, I'd love to have tea! :)