Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts Of A Prince

He slides one leg into his hockey pyjama bottoms and stops. He looks up at me thoughtfully and asks, "Mommy, are there balls in this world?" It seems an odd question, coming from my ball-loving boy.

"Of course there are, Oliver." My memory tracks through all the possible playground places with ball pits that he might have in mind.
"Which way do we go to get to them? If I drive in a car, you'll have to show me how to get there." He slides the other leg in.
"I'm not sure what you are thinking about," I probe, pulling his shirt over his head. "You'll have to help me imagine it."
"Mommy," he croons, "I need to go to a ball if I'm a prince!"
Oh, that kind of ball! Why ever did I not imagine that kind of ball? He's nearly four, after all!
I need to hear more of this tiny boy's desire but I begin to search my mind's files for fairy tales or movies or anything that might give me a clue as to where this is coming from. Nothing. I can't figure it out. So I ask, "Why do you want to go to a ball? What will you do there?"
He smooths his "hockey guy" on the front of his pyjama top. "Pictures," he states, matter-of-factly.
"Yeah, you know, pictures of marrying."
Ah, wedding photos. Wow. I'm taken off guard but I smile. "Who are you going to marry, my boy?"
He grins and pokes his finger into my arm, "I'm going to marry you!"
Emily enters the scene and catches onto the discourse quickly. Immediately, she shares her two cents, "You can't marry Mommy, she's already married to daddy." A few seconds passes and my two little ones stare blankly at each other. She finishes, "But you can marry me."
He sighs, "Oh, okay, I'll marry you."
Oliver turns back to me, all jammied, and shrugs. "Mommy, you can just drop us off at the ball then."
My days of chauffeuring have begun :)


C Laman said...

LOL!!! I also might know a cute girl who might be his type ;)

The Carmodys said...

Oh Heather . . . that just melts my heart! So cute that he'll "settle" for his sister since he can't marry Mommy. I love it!

The Maretzki Family said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! I had to smile. :D

Sarah said...

I already loathe the day when my boys won't want to marry me anymore:( lol utter adorableness;)

Craig and Bethany said...

Seriously laughing OUT LOUD! He's a laugh a minute. I love how you draw him out.

Happy chauffeuring!

Camille said...

CUTE!!!! How incredibly SWEET!!!!

Tillie said...

Just as an aside, there are indeed balls still held in the world - the U.S. military services have them every year - often two or three times a year. I believe I saw somewhere that you're in Canada? But perhaps the Canadian military has something like that for your little Prince. I love going to ours and they do indeed dress to the nines and you get all the royal treatment to go with it!