Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meeting At The Castle

She called me from the dentist's office and she had that eager, yet hesitant tone to her voice that I recognized immediately. She bumbled over details of the dental visit but I was waiting for what she really called for because this friend, she knows we have twin hearts of spontaneity. Finally, she exclaimed that she was going to swing by Dundurn Castle and would we like to meet them there? I did a quick mental assessment of where we stood in terms of schoolwork, who was fully dressed--had everyone eaten? That took all of about three seconds and then I blurted, "Yes! Meet there in half an hour?" And so we did.

Another date to remember--meeting at the castle together--for this little homeschool group.
Thanks, Sandee, for your fun and spontaneous spirit :)

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Meghan said...

What a great day... i seriously wanted to live there. i was intrigued with everything i learned and saw. To think Boxing Day was originally created for boxing up toys for the less fortunate!

Happy Tuesday!


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