Friday, December 2, 2011

Did God Forget?

He's snuggled in his jammies on the couch, with a bowl in front of him and I bring him toast to take the "ickies" away. He's staring out the window but he says, "Mommy, did God forget to feed the poor people?"
I'm stopped in my tracks and I search for words. He's still deep in thought but finally turns his eyes toward me.

"No, Babe," I reply, "God didn't forget. He loves people so very much. He has asked us to take care of the poor people. It's a command to us and we actually can't please God if we don't." (James 1:27)

He turns away again and is quiet. I stand waiting for the next profound thought. Finally, he responds, "Then why am I the only one giving to them!?" Oh, precious kid! He can't understand why there is still poverty if people are really giving. He certainly knows he's giving! He's purging his toys and things constantly and telling me he wants to share them with the poor people. I assure him that I know many, many other children and adults who are taking care of the less fortunate and he's still looking at me with wonder in his eyes. I silently pray that my boy finds his calling in caring for the needy. God places these passions in our hearts while we're young.

I stroll out of the room and reassess my own giving. Am I sharing, loving, giving what is required of me--not what is required of my friend and neighbour, but of me? When so many intelligent but misinformed people are blaming God for forgetting the needs of this world, how am I contributing to that notion? As Christians, we must share His love by providing for the basic needs of others. My son understands this well because I've trained him to think this way, but I need to be sure my words match my actions. May the world see that God has not forgotten His people because I am obeying His command to care for them. I am His hands and feet.

Please visit this momma (my friend) who is passionate about teaching her children about giving.


Meghan said...

Beautful, Mommy!
Our Christmas song: "It's better to give then recieve!" My favourite part in the Bible and also something i am working on is faith without deeds in dead. We cannot have faith without deeds!!!

I love you!

The Carmodys said...

Amen Sista!


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Wow! What a giving heart for a're doing something right, Mom. :)

Pauline said...

My boys ask these difficult questions too! We were at an orphanage last weekend, and my number 3 looked so sad as he asked, "ALL of these children are without a Mum or Dad to love them?" So hard. You answered yours wisely. :-)