Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Smell of a Good Competition

He made a scene in Toys'R'Us back when we were scanning the wall of car toys for our son. It was as though the drudgery of shopping suddenly vanished when my husband, who had spotted the very thing he adored as a child, started freaking out. With a raised voice, pointing frantically, he rapidly attempted to describe to me the sheer bliss that this double race track had afforded him. Any ideas we had previously imagined for our boy went flying out the window with all the excitement. One down, three kids to go :)

And this is how I found him on Boxing Day morning...
Deep in pieces and parts (all lined up and organized), my husband tried to prepare Oliver for the joy of what was to come, if he could only get it put together with "these terrible instructions".
I entered the room to check the progress from time to time and once I caught Terry smelling one of the cars. "What on earth are you doing?" I inquired.
"I'm smelling my childhood," he replied with a smile, "because there's just that certain burnt smell of the race."
Okay then. Apparently, boys need Daddies for a reason :)
Since then, they've raced those two cars together and one generation passed a "good competition" onto another, especially the smell.


Meghan said...

I love walking into a store and recognizing a smell i smelled a couple of years before. God brings back sweet memories I would have probably forgotten.

Happy Boxing Week!
Remember: Boxing Day(week) was originally made for boxing up things for the less fortunate... makes me think... maybe with all these sales we can buy toys/household items for others! Cheaper=more!!!
Love you Mommy,

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Camille said...


Yes, indeed...the SMELL! LOL!

And YES...boys sure do well to have a Daddy to do all these special things with.

May the LORD blesss you in the coming year my friend.

Much Love,

Anna said...

Oh, Terry.

Hope they had lots of fun racing their cars!!

sgm said...

i know that smell he he he! We had a track downstairs and we raced one another all the time! I bet my parents still have it in the deep dark basment somewhere....
what a fun gift!! More for Terry really!!
love ya

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I love that Canadians have Boxing Day. When you mentioned it in your post, it reminded me that you all don't open your gifts on Christmas Day. :)