Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trimming The Tree And... The Excess Of My Heart

It was right about when she hung that mess of balls together and he strung the gold beads all criss-crossy on our tree that I remembered a scene from a few years ago. Of course, they were much littler then, but somehow I cared so much more how perfect everything had to be, how each ball had it's place and how each light should be turned outward. And, when those small people had been tucked in tight under quilts, I'd go back and rearrange. Somehow, God got a hold of me, and as my children trim the tree year after year, my Lord trims the excess stuff from my heart, the stuff that keeps kids from feeling like their efforts are good enough. I see life so much clearer now.
I am thankful.
 Joy-filled Trimmers working side by side...
...singing the entire time :)
I especially enjoy how there are groupings of ornaments in various places ;)
They're not quite finished and I may give them a little help tomorrow... but I don't have to, and that makes me free.


Katie said...

I love it! My tree is decorated by my little blessings and its perfect. A few low hanging candy canes make David a happy sneaky snacker too! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your tree!! It looks exactly like mine! Extra special.

Alida said...

Oh how I miss those days when my little ones helped with decorating. Cherish them...they go by fast!

jeana said...

SO sweet! This year I let the boys decorate one of our 2 trees. They just loved it! Such a special memory for them. Enjoy the season!


Camille said...

How WONDERFUL Heather! I *love* it!!! Especially that little grouping/cluster of ornaments in one spot. Isn't it more fun than having it PERFECT??? I used to re-arrange the ornaments too...but, not anymore...LIBERTY!!! :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours my friend!


Sarah Guevarra said...

I have that exact picture, with all the ornaments on one branch...I don't esp have the decorating knack, so I'm happy with their efforts;)