Thursday, June 27, 2013

Six Stories: Number One

I came across an article today that inspired me to tell my children, once again, the special things about them and their lives. Adhering to the six story ideas, I began to wonder if each of my kiddos could recount the ways they are unique and why and how our family began. So, Meghan, Molly, Emily and Oliver, here are six stories for you!
Your Birth Story
Meghan, my firstborn, you were planned a year before I became pregnant with you. I was teaching Kindergarten and I contracted Shingles, which put your conception on hold. Finally, your tiny body began to grow in me and I was so excited.. and so sick. I had nearly every single negative symptom of pregnancy you could feel, I even thought I had miscarried you at one point. However, I was still able to work through it and took my maternity leave in February. After a difficult twelve and a half hour labour, without anything for pain,  you were born six days past your due date. Daddy and I thought you were a boy the entire pregnancy. What a surprise we had when the midwives asked Daddy to check for himself what gender you were! Wow! I was thrilled beyond description! You were 8lbs. 9oz. As our first, you taught us how to be parents :)
Molly, after a very sad miscarriage (partial molar pregnancy), I was more than eager to have you in our family! I suffered horrible morning sickness--all day--and night, but with one lovely girl already as a result, I was blissfully thankful. It was obvious you loved music and seemed to be dancing inside of me when I'd attend a concert or play loud music. You kept me awake and timing contractions for two weeks before your due date and I became so exhausted, the doctor suggested an induction two days later. I was so grateful! Finally, I would see my baby girl (whom I knew was a girl from the ultrasound ;) that very day! This time when an epidural was offered, I quickly replied in the affirmative! However, it wore off as soon as it was time to push you into the world. Yikes! All the pain disappeared when you were placed on my chest and I marveled at your beauty. You were 8lbs. 1oz.
Emily, you were a wee bit of a surprise to us :) Nevertheless, I was elated at the thought of another baby. I secretly hoped you were a girl too, and when the ultrasound revealed you were, I began to excitedly plan for your arrival. Again, I was nauseous for the first few months but besides sciatica, I was in general good health. Toward the end of my pregnancy with you, I was measuring seven weeks more than my due date! Were you going to be a huge baby? The doctor was concerned and induced me ten days early. The epidural worked well and I thoroughly enjoyed your delivery. You were 8lbs. 5oz. Not so big after all! You had a gorgeous, full head of black hair and dark skin. So different from my two blondies! I was in love immediately.
Oliver, you were also a surprise. Although we didn't plan to become pregnant, we quickly enjoyed the thought of having four children, What an amazing gift from God! Now, with three little girls, it was interesting to imagine the possibility of a boy. I say interesting because I really didn't know what I'd do with a boy (besides babysitting and teaching them)! I had two sisters and now three daughters. When the ultrasound revealed you were going to be just like Daddy, we showed everyone the pictures from the technician. What fun it was to be able to buy little boy things this time. Daddy and I went to a hotel with another couple to celebrate New Year's Eve. I didn't realize that I was beginning labour until the next day when my contractions continued and intensified. You were not induced until January 3rd! By now I was realizing my body doesn't always complete labour on its own. You came into the world at 7lbs. 13oz. and your sisters felt like you were their baby :)
Tomorrow I will tell Story Number Two and share how you received your names.


Karen said...

I LOVE this idea Heather. I may have to do the same. I guess I take for granted that my kids know some of these things . . . but maybe not. Writing it down would ensure they can take these stories with them through their entire lives. Cool.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I just love this idea too, Heather! And I LOVE birth stories. btw, will you be going to Allume this year? I'm finally able to go!