Friday, June 28, 2013

Six Stories: Number Two

How You Received Your Name
Meghan Grace Since we thought you were a boy for the whole pregnancy, we called you Joshua (poor girl). I'm sorry about that :) However, we did also think of names for girls... just in case. After you were born, we named you Meghan simply because we liked it. We didn't know many Meghans and with me being a teacher, I wanted a name that had not been one of my students. Your middle name, Grace, belonged to your Grandma Taffs. She truly was a graceful and gentle lady. You met her as a babe just before she passed away. Your nick-names are Meggers, Meg, Megs, Meggie, and Mouse.

Molly Joanna Oh how I fell in love with the name Molly during my pregnancy with you! Daddy wasn't too sure at first but I kept rolling it off my tongue to him and he grew to love it too :) I think you really suit your name. We say you're a lot like Auntie Holly, which makes sense! We nick-named you Molly-pop and since then, you've been Mollers, Magoo, Magoosta, Molly-Mocket, Mo-Jo, and Mollsies. Joanna is Grandma Vanderkruk's middle name, except spelled Johanna and pronounced, Yohonna. I wish we had gone with that lovely spelling from the beginning but it's still sweet, nonetheless.
Emily Katherine I loved the name Emily since I was young. I reserved until you were born because there were so many Emilys in the world that I wasn't sure I wanted to use it. Daddy and I actually named you Isabella in the hospital but on the afternoon of your second day, I told Daddy you really were an Emily to me. It is a timeless name, no matter how popular, and I love how it sounds. Your middle name belongs to Auntie Kathy, who is very special to our family. Your nick-names are Emmers, Emmy-Lou, Emmerson, Baby Girl and Emmy.

Oliver William Another name that made me smile. Whenever we told people your name, they paused for a moment, let it sink in and then they exclaimed how much they loved it. It just seemed so strong but gentle to me at the same time. And that's exactly like your character! William is Daddy's middle name. He was named after his Opa, who passed away shortly after we were married. Being named after Daddy makes you very privileged :) Your nick-names are Willy, Buddy, Sport, Son, and Bubby. (Daddy won't allow anyone to call you Ollie :)
Tomorrow I will share Story Number Three: one that reflects each of your strengths.

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