Saturday, June 29, 2013

Six Stories: Number Three

A Story Of Your Strength
Meghan, this story about you is quite recent and it happened at one of your ballet competitions. Being an elegant and skilled dancer, I had no concern about how you were going to perform this particular day in Niagara Falls and you had no evidence of nervousness. You took the stage and began to sweep your arms into place as the music commenced. Within about five minutes, the audience clapped and your siblings and I rose from our seats to go and retrieve you from the dressing rooms. On the way, I bumped into your teacher who exclaimed, "She forgot!"
"Forgot what?" I asked.
"The second half of her dance! She just made it all up!" and off she hustled.
I moved on in the opposite direction, pushing through the crowd and finally found you. You rushed toward me gushing that you had forgotten everything. You said you totally blanked but kept dancing and literally created your own dance. I squeezed you hard. I hadn't even noticed! I was so proud that you didn't stop or run off the stage, and you didn't cry. I told you I was prouder of you in that moment than of all your winning competitions put together. You were concerned about receiving a low score but I assured you it didn't matter. You just laughed at yourself and said, "Oh well, whatever!" Later, your teacher encouraged you not to worry, as well.
When the adjudicator took his place on the stage, you were called up to receive your award. You won one of the highest marks, as well as, a judge's special award called, "Perfect Poise".
God truly blessed you that day. You were thankful for His gift to you and I was thankful for the strength you demonstrated in realizing what was truly important.
Molly, this story took place a couple of years ago when we were camping. You often ride your bike round and round the circular road near our campsite and this time, you met a little girl around your age, named Laurel. For several days, you and Laurel did everything together. You played dolls, hunted for snails, and ate popsicles. I remember you sitting on a blanket near our trailer and talking together. You came to me later and shared what the two of you had been talking about.
"Mommy, I asked Laurel if she knew Jesus. She said no, so I told her about Him. I don't think her family are Christians and it makes me sad."
I pulled you onto my lap and told you that was very bold and strong of you to not be afraid to tell her about your faith. Jesus has done so much for our family and we need to share so others can know His love too! I was so proud of you. We prayed for Laurel and the next day her family packed up to head for their next campground. You've never seen her since but you still pray for her once in awhile when you think about it and I'm so grateful for your tender heart.
Emily, when you were a little girl, you told me you wished you were a black person. You are very attracted to black friends and I've always believed God has something special in store for you because you have such a strong desire to go to Africa. Now, that doesn't mean all your friends are in need or come from there, in fact, some are wealthy Canadians! But for some reason, even though you know that, it's all intertwined in your mind. You even dream about it. Once, you told me you saw a big blanket in a dream and it was filled with food. You took it and handed it out to many people. You have a philanthropist's heart, which is nurtured by the Holy Spirit as you pray about your future. Your strength amazes me as you recount how you know you're going to have a restaurant or help people with food somehow. As I listen to my little girl, I am excited for the adventures you'll enjoy with God, but I'm also praying for protection and guidance for you. You're going to do great things! You already are.
Oliver, you love your Sunday School class but you've struggled with a couple of boys being unkind to you. It hasn't been a big deal but it sometimes caused you to want to make sure your friends were there before you entered the room. We prayed about it and devised a couple ideas on how to approach a bully. They seemed to work, sometimes, but the best part was that God blessed you with a particular friend you really like to play with.
One day, you climbed into the truck after church and told me all about a new boy.
"Mommy, there was a new boy today and he didn't have any friends. I went right up to him and asked him if he wanted to play with me. He was happy."
Oliver, that melted my heart. What a strong and sensitive boy you are! That's exactly the kind of character Jesus is pleased with. I'm so thankful you're learning to be caring toward others by using your experiences already. I'm looking forward to watching you mature in the Lord and take a stand for Him and others.
Tomorrow I will share how I met Jesus.

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Great stories Heather . . . great kids too!