Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Buffet of Ancient Times

My sister prepared a unit for us to explore, since this is how our children learn best.  As a continuation of our Ancient Civilizations study, we gather together once a week. Diving into a buffet of another time and culture is most fun when dress-up clothes, lapbooking and art are the main courses!
Studying Zeus (and other mythological figures) is a great way to get our kids excited about how much bigger and more loving the one true God is--there's no comparison!
An actor.
Normally, males take the roles, but Molly requested this part.
Poor little slave, Eden.
Emily Olympian
Oliver--Spartan Warrior
Hilary always gets into it and makes the study come alive!
Making Grecian Pots
Mama likes to come and brush up on her Ancient Civilizations :)
Olympic Races
The Javelin
Demonstrating the Discus
Chariot Races
Listening to our guest speaker, Miss Laura (my sister's friend, who loves this stuff!).
Here we are! Another time and another place.

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jeana said...

I know I say this every time, but your family is awesome! I love how you all learn together❤