Friday, September 13, 2013

Operation Caterpillar Rescue

We traipsed through a darkening woods and I tried to remember why we were there as I caught a shot of lightening in the clearing above me. My three youngest were nearly running behind me, slapping at bugs as I strode long and quickly in the lead. We were searching for milkweed before it was too late for our very hungry caterpillars and that is where Annie told us to go... or so I thought. Thankfully, my cell phone picked up a signal out in the country area and my dear friend answered the other end and assured me I was not too far from the location. But, she purported that she was driving out to meet us with a flashlight. I breathlessly refused her offer and told her not to leave her cozy home and family but my kiddos called out, "We need her, Mommy!", so I obliged. Fifteen minutes later, we were back at my truck and closer to our target. Annie pulled up with a headlamp and we traipsed once again through long, wet grass, spotted the dewy, milky treasure that would save our babies and thanked our nature guide. You see, she has babies at home too and we alert each other when milestones are being reached. We had both released adult butterflies that day and we did not want to lose those creatures at the beginning of the metamorphic stage!
Eeewy, there's spiders on it!
Just as the last leaves were being nibbled from the small plant we were given from the conservatory, I replaced it by shoving the new stalk into the pot and zipped up the butterfly tent. We watched as those creeping, pudgy characters slid onto their life-sustaining home. I sighed relief.  
So, we enjoy another season of rearing caterpillars to save the Monarch butterflies. It's a process that blows my mind and I shake my head at the everyday miracles in creation that we overlook. God is truly awesome.

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