Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Disappearing Visitors

We've experienced a glorious summer of visitors at our feeders. We've watched squabbles between grackles and cardinals, nurturing between parent and fledgling downy woodpeckers, and rare sightings of indigo buntings that made our day. But it's that time of year when some of our tiny visitors disappear. It's bitter-sweet; bitter because we'll miss our frequent entertainment and sweet because it means we'll be enjoying the odd species we haven't seen since spring as they pass through here again on their way south.

Some of our winter birds will hang out on our branches, fluffing their feathers for warmth and pecking through the snow, scrounging for lost seeds. We will enjoy them and wait till spring for our long-lost visitors, peeking through the window, trying to catch a glimpse.

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