Monday, September 16, 2013

Epic Summer--A Journey Through Pictures And Gratitude

Sooooo grateful...

1371. that sometimes pirates masquerade as little boys at soccer games. 
1372. How Spiderman somehow became a hero this year. He's never watched the show but he wants to act like him everyday. (Our church festival)
1373. for all the bouncy castles and super-fantastic activities that drew the surrounding neighbourhoods to our church festival.
1374. How Lilly and Meg--friends since birth--helped at the craft table. 
1375. How Joan and her two sisters and so much like my two sisters and me.
1376. for spunky Benjamite :) 
1377. for outdoor movies and lawn chairs, blankets and treats--love it! 
1378. how they all love on Baby Clara 
1379. her quirkiness and how she loves to be different
1380. how tree climbing was the number one sport this summer. 
1381. how these two (Meg and Hannah) remained friends after the closing of their dance studio and helped the kids at the festival. 
1382. that my cool sister and her awesome husband made the hour-long trip. 
1383. for little sisters of bigger sisters who like each other too (Holly and Molly). 
1384. how Spiderman made a guest appearance and Terry got to have his photo taken with him (doesn't my husband look so happy? He's star-struck). 
1385. my dear friend, Bethany and how she gives of herself to others.
1386. that I found this cute little bunny while I wandered around
1387.and how she multiplied quickly :)
1388. for years-long friendships and our journey together through thick and thin.
1389. for these two amazing families in our church
1390. for our yearly point-and-shoot-each-other moment (hi Kelly!)
1391. for quiet, summer nights of flying his new plane. 
1392. for great times in Mama and Papa's hot tub--heat turned down so it could double as a swimming pool.

1393. how the determination of Papa and the stupidity of me, helped get those 300 lb. walls up around it (after which, one fell on us and I had a lovely bruised shoulder for weeks--gratitude because I truly felt helpful :). 
1394. how they don't care that there's barely any space to move, they just have fun all squashed in there.  
1395. how Papa just sat there and blasted them with cold water while they screamed! 
1396. how they screamed for more! 
1397. the love of sisters (generally after some major arguing). 
 1398. for babies and how they keep finding me :)
 1399. for my crazy sister and her need for thrills.
1400. how she said her biggest concern was that the photographer who took these pics was plummeting to her death as she didn't open her chute for a long time. 
1401. how she got to experience floating over Niagara Falls. 
1402. that she said it was fun but not scary (THIS type of quality does NOT run in the family). 
1403. how my sweet nephew hung his head out of his bedroom window to say goodbye to us the other day.
1404. sunsets and sillohettes 
1405. for scooters that everyone can share 
1406. for pogo-stick jumpers counting in the hundreds
1407. for driveway soccer 


Anna said...

Wow, that's a great list of thanks! Your sister is crazy!!! I think it's a sign that babies keep finding you!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

love, love, love all of this. And oh that picture of you with the baby, makes me want to wake up my own and hold her while she sleeps. I can still call her my baby right, even though she's almost 2?