Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holding Onto Family

We held onto our family a few weeks ago as we celebrated my in-laws fiftieth anniversary by renting condos at a fabulous resort. We've recently learned that my husband's other sister will begin her own battle against cancer and so that weekend is a little dearer in my memory and my family a little more precious. 
1445. how he insisted all of us join in one room for a Sunday morning devotional 
1446. this beautiful square filled with shops and restaurants and this fireplace right in the middle
1447. these two crazy people and their special kind of love
1448. late night hot tub runs!
1449. how he always talks of owning one of these someday
1450. their closeness and how they'll be supporting each other through it all
1451. how she calls us the "out-laws" :)
1452. this time of year and how God paints everything so I'll notice just a little more
1453. impromptu photo moments
1454. trying on hats over and over in many stores
1455. for this exhilarating ride--Ridge Runner
1456. how I was able to control my speed--yeah, that works for me so much better than other roller coasters!
1457. how he kept his distance from me but could have easily caught up--yikes!
1458. how my mom-in-law is such a good sport and joins us in everything!
1459. this sweet soul and how I look up to her
1460. how he's always smiling
1461. one of my dearest "besties" (such a blessing for a sister-in-law!)
1462. never-ending laughs with this guy
1463. watching him help her and how she was feeling well enough to enjoy the weekend!
 1464. how he can always make me laugh with his ever-ready antics
1465. night scenery here
1466. how we stayed in there, all through the hail--woo hoo!
1467. the good-natured competition that flows through their veins
1468. my husband's older brother--his stable personality and how he laughs easily
1469. this beautiful mini-golf course between two ski hills
1470. for fabulous, delicious, patriotic, scrumptious Beaver Tails, which I should never eat again
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. I Chronicles 16:34

2 comments: said...

What a crazy amazing memory! Where is this place? Wow! But being with family like that truly is such a blessed gift!
love ya friend!

Anna said...

Beaver tails... yummy! The picture of your two sister in laws brought tears to my eyes. I'm keeping your family in my prayers. It looks like you had a beautiful weekend together!!