Saturday, November 30, 2013

Live Nativity and Hot Cider

I couldn't keep my hands off this soft, gentle beast today. We had many representatives of the Christmas story all scattered near the backdrop of the nativity at our nursery. There were pony rides and hot cider, a live band, baking and a barbeque hosted by McMaster Children's Hospital, but, I wanted to pull up a seat next to the camel and just watch him all day. All the stories I've heard and things I've read about them just seemed to pale as I gazed upon this light-footed, softly swaying creature. He'd bow and duck his head and let me stroke his silky muzzle. I wished I could have climbed in there and hugged him.
See how lovable he is?
Molly is like Fern in Charlotte's Web. She just quietly observes.
Emily has conversations with the animals. She named every
 one of them. My favourite name she used was "Smash" :)
A proud owner strolls the property, making sure his customers are happy.
Meg uses her face painting skills again.
So does Cousin Lauren 
Checking out baby Jesus. We had to un-bury him from the toddlers
who had previously enjoyed tossing straw over him :)
Cousin Alannah helps with coffee and pony ride tickets.
In celebration of MOvemeber :)
Her favourite place to be.
Uncle Kevin arrives on the scene.
This usually leads to some kind of shenanigan. 
Cousin Matthew cuts trees and helps customers.
Hiding in the "forest" of evergreens.
Memories of Christmas events at our nursery will never be forgotten by these kiddos.


Anna said...

I too, loved the camel. Deborah loved riding the pony! Good times!

Anna said...

I LOVE your pictures on the top of your blog!

lulu said...

looks wonderful. you have a special community celebration going, involving the whole family. love seeing the camels up close and personal, too.:) found you by way of nic owens. thanks for sharing.