Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Needy--Us Included

She clutched her Operation Christmas Child box in her arms and called to me from the backseat of the truck with a squeal in her voice, "Mommy, I love giving these boxes! I'm so excited to pack mine up! I think this is my most favourite thing in the whole world to do."
I turned around and grinned at my eight year-old "bleeding heart". "You have such an important job to do for God, Emily. In fact, you're already doing it. But there's something special about the joy you have in giving, that makes me believe that working with people living in poverty will be your career someday." She had tears in her big, brown eyes as she listened and it broke my heart in a good way.
Each of the kids lovingly tucked the items we had purchased for their unknown child into the shoe boxes that night. They chattered about what it might be like to watch children who never receive gifts, tearing open the boxes filled with things they had meticulously chosen for them. That boy of mine periodically asked to keep this item or that but he's catching onto this sacrificial giving thing. We watched the YouTube videos of Samaritan's Purse staff passing out the priceless treasures to little outstretched arms. My kids giggled and stared in wonderment. I cried every few minutes as we continued clicking for almost an hour on various videos of recipients from different countries. It unglued me and I wept longer.
Jesus knew when He commanded us to care for the poor that not only would the poor be given aid, but the giver would be set free in the very act of giving. There's nothing like it, humans providing for humans in obedience to God's Word. I'm so glad Jesus calls us to give to one another. It levels us to become equals so we can grasp that we're all in need of a Saviour. But sometimes, it takes meeting basic needs first to truly help people understand the heart of God, and that is, He loves us so much that He supplies not only our needs but He offers His Son. We are all set free when we receive that Gift!


Anonymous said...

What a gift you have given your kids with this act of love!
Thank you for inspiring me...again!
Give, give give!!!

love ya friend!

Anna said...

I love their giving hearts!