Thursday, September 26, 2013

Horse Whisperer

She leaned down close to Malibu's ear and whispered something I couldn't hear. I took the photo and remembered my bedroom with horse wallpaper, posters and figurines. This girl's going to be just like me, I thought. She'd been begging for this moment all summer and so, today we came.
She lovingly brushed her horse before whispering goodbye. She was the last out of the barn. We all enjoyed an afternoon of just us and horses, but it is she who will dream about them tonight.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

Loving this family a WHOLE LOT!
Congratulations Mom and Dad Vanderkruk!
You are an example of God's beautiful plan for marriage. xo

Welcome Fall and School Photos

1408. kids who no longer need bribery to sit nicely for a photo
1409. a sister whose talent is big and whose humility is bigger
1410. for my in-laws' 50th anniversary--a wonderful example!
1411. paper mache, even if it sags before it's time
1412. for Instagram--which Meg begged me to join and I finally allowed her to join me to that world (Heather Taffs Vanderkruk or @thisjourneyhomeward)
1414. for a mom who's always purchasing little things like Picard's chipnuts, just because
1415. for the cheezy, annoying, but wonderful Geography Songs CD
1416. for all my nieces and nephews who I've been seeing a lot lately--I love you!
1417. for a single changed leaf on my otherwise green maple
1418. that I can have diligent workers around our school table (when they decide to be :)
1419. for Yvonne and Virginia and the work they do to teach people to listen for God's voice, and the excitement each year for the retreat
1420. for Camille and her strength and example
1421. for the repeated thoughts of "Interrupted" and "7", by Jen Hatmaker and how I've been forever changed (I hope!)
1422. for friends who read along with me and we all get excited and convicted and overwhelmed (in a good way)
 1423. for health 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Buffet of Ancient Times

My sister prepared a unit for us to explore, since this is how our children learn best.  As a continuation of our Ancient Civilizations study, we gather together once a week. Diving into a buffet of another time and culture is most fun when dress-up clothes, lapbooking and art are the main courses!
Studying Zeus (and other mythological figures) is a great way to get our kids excited about how much bigger and more loving the one true God is--there's no comparison!
An actor.
Normally, males take the roles, but Molly requested this part.
Poor little slave, Eden.
Emily Olympian
Oliver--Spartan Warrior
Hilary always gets into it and makes the study come alive!
Making Grecian Pots
Mama likes to come and brush up on her Ancient Civilizations :)
Olympic Races
The Javelin
Demonstrating the Discus
Chariot Races
Listening to our guest speaker, Miss Laura (my sister's friend, who loves this stuff!).
Here we are! Another time and another place.