Saturday, June 28, 2014

As Quiet As A Dragonfly

We call her the "bag lady" because everywhere we go (even in the woods), she carries a purse or bag of some sort. Inside are her "quiet items" for which she doesn't explain or seem to care if anyone notices. She has a purpose for them but she may or may not use them on any given jaunt. I think it comforts her to have her "itty-bitties" with her, just in case.
I photographed my girl as she wrote something in her notebook up on top of that rock and I photographed a dragonfly silently alighting on a stalk. Molly turned twelve last month and her gentle, beautiful, quiet way reminds me of that tiny, winged creature.
Molly, we love you. You are ever capturing us with your intriguing, thoughtful manner. Yes, you can be boisterous and energetic like your siblings, but it's not the norm. You are growing up so lovely and we're proud of you. May this year be filled with amazing growth and may you always hear God's still, small voice in your own quietness.

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