Thursday, June 12, 2014

Practice Makes Progress

It's our new philosophy, that practice makes progress. Perfection is impossible to strive for and progress is truly what we desire in each stage of learning, no matter what the skill. And so, my boys took to the field for some soccer skills and drills. 
My husband was a soccer star in highschool and also as he continued in a competitive church league for many years. I used to tell him I could barely see his legs as he ran; he was so fast!  
Our son is getting there... progress is sweet.

He loves to learn and that is his greatest asset.
 a little getaway

giggling when he gets a good kick in there :)
sideliners have fun together
Once in awhile, there's a sideline brawl :)
And this kid... she coaches little tykes... all by herself.
Progress happening everywhere.

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