Thursday, June 26, 2014

Going Out With A Bang!

We've moved around from home to home and this was our final presentation day for all the work we'd been doing this spring. These kids went out with a bang as they showed each other their favourite things about all they'd learned.
 Katie shared her verses for each body part. Her hairs are all numbered by God!
 Oliver compared a barn owl and a scarlet tanager in his A Walk In The Woods notebook.
 Mayson shared about her favourite books she's been reading on her Kobo.
 Aaron was learning about the World Wars and told us about Morse Code.
 Getting a closer look at pieces and parts of projects.
 Emily read about various species of insects in her A Walk In The Woods otebook.
 Sara told us all about butterflies.
 Eden created her own flower press and gave us a demonstration.
 Calvin showed us his 100 Birds Pin he earned on his trip to Pt. Pelee.
 Samantha had read the book, "Hanna's Suitcase" (a holocaust story) and presented her project on the girl's life.
 Molly read her favourite parts in her woods project.
 Serena also studied the World Wars and showed us her homemade radio.
 Caleb shared his woodsy artwork and showed us the wooden owl nesting box he created.
Brooke read an "incident report" she had written from the perspective of the hired man who looked after a herd of pigs in the Bible. Jesus cast demons from a possessed man into the pigs and Brooke's used In Their Sandals to created her version of the story. 
As moms gathered reports and projects, kids jumped into the pool and swam away the last of their schoolwork for June. Truly though, I can't wait till we see what everyone will be learning in September!

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