Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bring It On

Oh, Summer, how long we've waited for you!
1612. laughter at weddings--my sister and her husband crack each other up
1613. and these two... seriously?
1614. picnics in the woods
1615. hammocking with friends
1616. sharing our favourite spots with some favourite people
1617, for the best two sisters in the world
1618. swinging from willow branches
1619. same aged cousins always want to have the same kind of fun
1620. finding a gazillion tadpoles in Mama and Papa's pond
1621. actually getting to take them home to our own :)
1622. how Molly helped the boys scoop them all out 
1623. reuniting with my dear, childhood friend and learning we both have Mollys :)
1624. how precious her little Molly is and how she loves my Emily so much
1625. how hot, sweat-dripping days are better with cousins
1626. the way Caleb retrieved his sister's pen from under the bridge
1627. witnessing the union of two great people under a perfect, blue sky, backdropped against the escarpment
Happy first day of Summer!
Bring it on!

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Camille said...

Happy post full of happy things. Yes...Summer...we are ready for you!! Hugs my friend...Love, Camille