Friday, January 15, 2016

Live Below The Line--Day Five

Three sweet, solemn faces stare back at us from their magnetized place on our refrigerator. They are our sponsored boys from Africa, and this week we attempted to experience a tiny taste of what they've known all their lives. It was next to impossible, of course, as our poorest in Canada live as kings compared to some countries simply because of our options and government aid. However, without starving and stressing my children (too much ;), my hope was to elicit more compassion from them and to turn sympathy to empathy with this "project". Their journals depict some evidence of that, but it is only the Lord who will use their participation in the future as He leads them to care for the poor in whatever capacity He has called them each to assist.

At the conclusion of this week, I'm so thankful for the roof over my children's heads, food in their bellies, and happiness in their voices. This video is confirmation of that. Perhaps my gratitude was all this occurrence was meant to invoke. To God be the glory.

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