Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Live Below The Line--Day Three

Whoever oppresses the poor 
shows contempt for their Maker, 
but whoever is kind to the needy
 honors God. — Proverbs 14:31,  

Do you know anyone who is poor? I mean, really poor. Many families may be struggling to pay off debt, participate in special activities, take a vacation or buy more than second-hand clothing, but I'm talking about people who don't know how they'll feed their children. I'm focusing on those in poverty, in our country, who are facing eviction, who don't own many assets, especially a vehicle. Thankfully, on this continent, our churches, government and other organizations fight to end poverty. The recent acceptance of Syrian refugees and the influx of generosity of Canadians to share their homes, meals, and other donations demonstrates the very desire of Jesus when He commands so often that we care for those in need. If we are never "rubbing shoulders" with the poor, we may be missing this important aspect of our calling. Besides sending a cheque to a worthy charity, why not look into how your family can roll up their sleeves and become personally involved with the poor in your community or beyond. Just a challenge that I know will pay dividends of love and gratitude!

Donning her ruffled apron, my mom gave her for an early birthday gift, Emily cooked up a healthy squash soup for all of us today. Again, a hit, with six out of seven loving it :) She also received a sweet little bird set of measuring cups which she promptly put to use. I think we're all getting used to fewer options for meals and smaller portion sizes. The soup though... that was like icing on a cake we didn't budget for this week :) 

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