Thursday, January 14, 2016

Live Below The Line--Day Four

Popcorn shot out of the air popper like bullets and Oliver tried shielding the opening with his hands. Ashanti convulsed with giggles over the hilarity of it all. The two of them were beyond excited to be having a snack--and a filling one at that. Our challenge has caused much complaining whining, I must say, and the lessons may be grasped more in the future when they can apply their experience. I'm counting on it. When one child stood whining with a contorted face about how starving he/she was, I "threatened" to add a second week. Sigh. Perhaps this momma's zeal isn't as contagious as she thought :)
(They look like they're cheering, but really, they're holding their arms up like Moses, so that the popcorn will pop better and not spew all over. I had told them the story earlier about how the Israelites would begin to lose the battle against their enemy as soon as Moses lowered his arms. When he tired, Aaron and Hur had to hold them up so that the battle would turn and be in their favour. That God of ours--He has such mysterious ideas :)

Whether you call it a blessing, or cheating on our challenge, we ate at a restaurant for Emily's birthday tonight. Boy, were those kiddos thrilled to be eating menu food! Since I'm on my yearly January Daniel Fast, I stuck with lighter fare. However, I must say, sizzling mushrooms with garlic are pretty mouth-watering when someone else makes them. In the end, I think the contrast between these past few days and the restaurant meal was enough to demonstrate a powerful point--people living in poverty don't have this luxury, and for that, I believe we were all grateful.

Happiest of birthdays, Emily! You were a good sport wearing those big horns and being "yelled-sung" to with the whole place watching :)

Love how the staff get right into the birthday song.

One more day... praying the Lord will use this challenge to move our hearts to greater compassion for our neighbours, here and abroad, living in extreme poverty.


Camille said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! Oh, and I recognise that restaurant...we like the firecracker burger. :) Hugs, Camille

Heather said...

Camille, we LOVE the firecracker burger too! AND, if I'm on a Daniel Fast, they will happily tweak special meals for me.