Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing House

It's what they do on a regular basis, pretending they're "big". I did it as well, when I was their age, and the beautiful thing is, I had two sisters too. There's nothing like this kind of play that can draw me back to my own childhood of dolls and teddies, tea parties and fort-building. I wonder why we wanted to grow up so much.

Watching this scene play out before me, the giggling, the somersaults and politeness at tea, plummets me into memories of innocent days gone by. Days laden with three sisters climbing willow tree branches and swinging from "Tarzan" ropes, of diving board contests and towel-wrap fashion shows, of bedroom garage sales and trading stickers, of friendship pins and sneaking into each other's beds in the wee hours. Days before the divorce and re-marriages, long distance moves, trauma and bone disease.
I whisper prayers for these little ones of mine, for their carefree hearts and their pure, sweet minds. Protect them!, I plead to the only One who can. The One who held me in the dark when I cried myself to sleep as a little girl. The One who redeemed my adult life so I would know joy in the midst of aging, no longer innocent and unfettered by the world. Protect them and make them wise without the pain, I pray on.
But, is it possible?
Can we grow, change, become wise without pain? I pray they do, without holding onto sin, that they always look to the One who sees them now, pretending to be "big".
My children playing house without knowing the hardships of what "real house" might look like... praise God for His overwhelming blessings.

604. the way they speak politely (sometimes with an English accent) when they sit down to "tea" with their dolls

605. how they suck on (dirty) icicles that hang from the deck

606. my husband's Sunday afternoon nap... finally getting to rest after 6 days of labour

607. how hope is real and good and so we wait for how God is going to move in our friend's life

608. for a shy but willing woman who shared her story yesterday with a large group of women... she asked in prayer first that God hide her behind the cross so that hearts could be changed by the way God redeemed her world... and they were

609. for an impromtu afternoon at the salon for haircuts for all my children and how it was so slow that day that my girls got pampered with their hair curled for free

610. how Oliver pushed the hairstylist in the chair and spun her round and round, her laughing and whooping it up

611. how God is taking care of the unsee
n for us... long-time prayers we cannot see the answers to but know He's working out His plan for our good

612. for a family with a vision for the arts...

613. for a preschooler and kindergartener who are always asking, "How do I spell...?"

614. for the ability to get back on the horse and begin another exercize program--so grateful for health

615. for how we can still smell "baby" in her eight year-old forehead when we kiss her... I'm convinced this is a little gift from God, reserved just for me :)


Brandee Shafer said...

Beautiful. It's so scary to raise children in this world but definitely less scary when we have the help of Jesus (and the church community). We can't protect our babies from pain, entirely, but doesn't Romans 8:28 hold an amazing promise? And hasn't every hurt drawn us somehow closer to the One who knows and loves us, best! Blessings to you and your little beauties!

Julze said...

oh I can SO reate Heather *sniff*
I thank and praise the Lord, who loves us way more than we can ever comprehend is their seeing, comforting and restoring the knocks from "real life" ..May our hearts be comforted by His Word and His Promises He will never leave us nor forsake us.


jeana said...

I plead these same prayers to God. Being little is such a special time. I pray that growing up, for them, can be just as special. Your list is beautiful Heather!

*Thank you for your prayers. Jaiden's school is going so well!

sgm said...

i think the message you are sending is quite clear and I love it... a constant state of prayer is the only way to go before our children. Yes, I stand with you in prayer for our children and yours. Thanks Heather for reminding me to pray diligently!
Love ya

Camille said...

P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S.!!! I so enjoy the way you wrote that Heather...just lovely and straight from the heart. I *know* of what you speak...and I *know* the Great God Whom you love...HE alone is worthy of all our adoration and praise. Might HE give you that continued view of HIM that is unshakeable.

With love,

P.S. GORGEOUS photos! :)

Wanting What I Have said...

What a precious post. I pray the same things for my children! I too, have tasted the pain of which you speak. You are a wonderful mama!

Anna said...

Ok, Heather, I had a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and a little chuckle about the English accents!! You've been through so much, but you have never let go of His hand as He has never let go of yours! You're an awesome friend and an amazing Mom. said...

What a pretty room!