Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Out At The Doctor's Office

He's up on top of the table and I'm in the chair beside him and he's prattling on and on about everything under the sun. I'm smiling because this is obviously his turn to be alone with Mommy--even if it is in the doctor's office.
Oliver points to the picture of an unborn fetus, hanging on the wall and asks why that baby is inside of an ear. He lifts up his shirt and pushes out his belly and tells me there's a baby in there. I've lost track of how many times I've tried to explain that babies grow inside mommies so I just reply, "mm-hmm." He goes on, in detail about his "honey", and so I ask what the baby's name is going to be. He says he will name it when it comes out.

Then, he says, "Mommy, how does that baby grow and is it a big cut in your tummy when it is ready and does God close it back up again?" (since I haven't had any C-Sections, I'm not sure where this idea came from). He proceeds to look quickly around the room and declares that there's no way he can have the baby here! He has to wait until he gets home because if it comes out here, she will get into all sorts of things and mess up the doctor's office.

Next, he wants me to try out the blood pressure cuff on him and he's swinging his boots back and forth and asking why he's not supposed to be lying down on the paper yet and where does the paper come from and can I get down and see it? I'm running out of answers when Dr. Faught comes in, someone else for my boy to probe.
Immediately, Oliver shares that he's four now and that in three sleeps he had his birthday and he woke up and then he was four. The doctor chuckles and says he wishes that would happen to him :) Doctor Faught inquires of Oliver what his problem is today and he yanks up that shirt again, this time to show his rash, not his baby. The doctor leans in and checks his ears as I cringe, thinking back to the last time I cleaned them. As it turns out, his dots (as Oliver calls them) look like something that will pass and we'll just "keep an eye on it". I've always had spotty kids so I'm good with that.
We climb into the van and head home and my son greets his sister with, "My rash is all gone now." He's trusting too, that it will be nothing.
Sometimes I think God cares so much about His little ones that He carves out special time for just them, when they need it... even if it is at the doctor's office.


Wanting What I Have said...

:) What a sweet morning (or afternoon) you two had!

Anna said...

Glad your spotty child is going to be ok. Love how his mind just races and that you could have that one on one time with him!

sgm said...

Just what the doctor ordered, time alone with your son. Carving out time like that (planned or otherwise) is so wonderful and makes your relationship beautiful!

Good job on making a dr visit special. Creative mommy!!

love ya

Camille said...

LOL...what a cutie! And yes...ALL THOSE QUESTIONS!!! We have one of those precious people too. Fun times! You wrote it down beautifully. Adorable photos. :)

Kathy S. said...

THAT little guy is so fun!!! I love his reasoning...in an ear! lol.

Mouse & Magoo said...

Ah, yes :)

My little Bubby is a cutety patuety!
What a gorgeous picture{s} of a gorgeous little boy :o)


You too Mommy, thanks for the humour this morning!!

Love ya,
@ My Life as Just Me

<>< <3 God bless your night.