Friday, February 11, 2011

My Guy

I have this little guy. He's full of vigor and vim and he loves to eat conversation hearts. I asked him to hold one up for me so I could take a photo and since he can't read, he chose one randomly. As soon as the shutter button was clicked, he popped it in his mouth. It wasn't until later, when I looked closely at that tiny piece of sugar in the photo, that I realized what he had held up. It read, "Your Guy".
My heart was struck.
My little Valentine :)


Mouse & Magoo said...

Little boy.
Little cutey.
Little lover.
Little comic.

Merry Valentine's to you all!

The Maretzki Family said...

How cute! Nice picture.

followinghisfootsteps:mylegacy said...

So precious! My heart just melted!

Julze said... very precious, Heather!

Camille said...

Precious! He sure is! :)