Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Maker Of Time

I have the photos of toboggan rides and snow angel making. I have the ones that remind us where we've been and the activities there. I have all the captured memories you'd ever want of our travels and moments, but today I want to bottle their faces. I want to trace every edge and smooth line, every eyelash and lip. I don't ever want to forget how they are today... who they are today. I take pictures because it helps me remember.
It's this little-ness that I despise time for stealing from me and yet the big-ness is becoming a gift I am yearning to open, as well. It's the divide that canyons their helpless, precious dependence and their growing up, but I'm learning to let go and let time have it's way. For the Maker of time desires to open my eyes to new joys with each of these growing-up milestones we hang our invisible trophies on. When did I begin to see time as a thief instead of a blessing within His Story?
And so, I drink in their childhood, their faces, their grins, their quirky sayings that will undoubtedly change. I trade my sorrow of their growing for the grateful thrill in gazing on their movement toward His design for them... in His time.


Jan at Jewelry4Change said...

Wow, what a thought provoking comment you've made, "When did I begin to see time as a thief instead of a blessing within His Story?"

As a mom of older kids I can tell you that, each new stage of their lives brings new joy. It's different now... but I LOVE having adult children.

Thanks for sharing. I've posted about TIME for Walk with Him Wednesday also.

Heather said...

Precious jewels :)

Camille said...

Yes, in HIS time! So beautiful Heather! Doesn't it just go too fast??? Your children are all very beautiful!

With love,

Anna said...

Great pictures. Time just goes by too quickly. Good thing for pictures and for trusting in God's timing and His perfect plan.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

So far I've just loved every stage my children have been in... With teaching a 9-10year old PE class this last month, I find myself also excited about season to come.

What a beautiful reminder to treasure today, but not fear tomorrow.

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today

Interesting how we can “capture” moments with a camera – but never actually capture time. By the way your pictures are all so well done.

I truly enjoyed reading this.

God Bless you and all of yours

jeana said...

Your children are absolutely beautiful! What a blessing! Miss seeing you around, I hope you are doing well my friend.