Monday, February 21, 2011

Frayed Edges

I thought I'd stop breathing, that this kind of pain couldn't actually be lived through, only succumbed to. He knew better and since I'd been taught from birth to lean on Him, to give all the pain to Him, a tiny shaft of memory of this promise seered through the darkness as I wept. He took my frayed edges and sewed them up with His healing touch. He was the lifter of my head and now, in hindsight of that time, I can testify to the binding up of my broken heart.

Give Him your frayed edges, friends.

Gratitude on this sun-sparkling on the snow Monday:
642. how she bakes cookies with her friends, boys or girls
643. for how he watches Paul Washer sermons in bed on the laptop
644. sun breaking through clouds today
645. fresh laundry smell wafting from my folding area (one of my favourite smells)
646. a messy, soggy mudroom filled with winter wetness... sign of much outdoor fun
647. a king-sized bed when Littles need to squish in mid-night
648. re-reading old journal entries
649. being able to write PRAISE! over requests that were written in those entries!
650. praising for answers that weren't my idea of how they'd be answered (His ways are higher!)
651. Meredith Andrews' music--love her!
652. Sanctus Real's music--also good--loving skilled Christians using their gifts
653. new insights in the book of James (following this site for studying:
654. following Ann's videos on her book here:
655. washing Molly's frayed and well-loved "blankie" that I quilted for her
656. the way my boy traces my face with his finger before I open my eyes in the morning
657. how we spent Family Day by switching half of our kids with half of their cousins on Terry's side--so fun!

Happy Family Day!


Camille said...

Lovely list Heather. Wonderful photos. :)

Have a terrific week!

HeathahLee said...

Had to click on a sister "Heather." : ) Loved your list. So sweet.

Julze said...

The Lord loves us calling out to Himin our time of need! I'm really enjoying christian music your list.... God bless!

Pure Perseverance said...

You have a full life of pure wonderfulness ;o)!

Jessica said...

Beautiful...and yes!

Anna said...

Give thanks, He heals the broken hearted! Great list. Happy Family Day!

Sarah* said...

I love Meredith Andrews too, she is as equal inspiring to me music wise are you are to me writers/mother/friend wise;) And I just finished a devo and am looking for another, so I'm excited to see your link on here! Enjoy this beautiful Monday:)

sgm said...

Thanks Heather for the gratitude list. I always love to read what you are grateful for that day. Reminds me to stop, think and thank!!
love ya

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I just loved #650. praising for answers that weren't my idea of how they'd be answered (His ways are higher!)

I'm so thankful when I recognize this because it is such a faith builder and helps me to trust him the next time when I'm just not seeing it...

Rodney said...

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Thank You,
Rodney(Annette's husband)

Craig and Bethany said...

Yes, frayed edges, I'm so there lately. Thanks for sharing, Heather. I love your heart. I love your blog.