Monday, April 4, 2011

Capturing Moments

It's dinner and it's unusually late. He climbs across my legs and huddles into a little ball, bottom up. I don't even notice at first because I'm used to his body being attached to mine throughout the day. Sometime between bites and listening to the buzz and hum of little girl voices, chattering on about their day, I sense the "lump" that I've been subconsciously, carefully eating over. Yes, my boy is tired and apparently not eating so much tonight. With my camera on the counter right behind me from grabbing a photo earlier, it was the perfect opportunity to capture life as it is with this snugly four year old. How much longer will he "turtle-shell" it on Mommy's lap during dinner? My guess is, not long. So capture it we did.


685. Molly's gratitude today, "Mommy, I love how the rain stops when we drive under a bridge."

686. the sound of birdsong in the morning... they're back :)

687. the way he gets all giddy when he's trapping ants (that would be my husband)

688. the way he PVRs the Duggars every day... seriously? Why ever did we "block the blessing"? :)

689. a fantastic homeschool conference!

690. moving from ballet slippers to toe shoes... a blog post in itself soon

691. how she inspired my new laundry organization

692. friends of all sorts who each give something new to offer

693. Jonathan Park CDs that my kids adore listening to as we drive

694. the way the Lord stopped the rain for my husband's workers to finish construction

695. healing prayer

696. a Love that casts out fear

697. the POTENTIAL of my spring cleaning

698. Annie, who keeps me eating "clean"

699. a twelve year-old who confesses and apologizes easily

700. his sleepy snuggles during late dinners


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I love your list this week! My youngest brother would fall asleep at the dinner table when he was in his 3's. I am just a few years older than him but I do remember that from our younger years. :)

Have a great day, Heather!

The Maretzki Family said...

So cute! Love the list.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear you girl, capture these sweet moments every chance you get! What precious memories you will have to look back on one day in this blog - love it!

sgm said...

Funny lately I seem to be the one tired on the couch but holding a baby nursing! That is my dinner routine. I run around prepping and then all sit down and I plop on the couch! Mama feeds her brood first, then my turn!! Glad you could capture his adorable four yr old stage!!!

Anna said...

Enjoy those snuggly moments! I chuckled about Terry getting excited over the ant traps! Great that the convention went well!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Aww... what a moment to capture! Love the shots! Birdsong is on my list this week too. Healing prayer... wonderful! :)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

oh, those pictures of your son curled up in your lap are simply precious. I'm going to have to convince my hubby to capture some of those special moments for me too. These will be pictures that you will treasure long after he's grown to manhood and you can curl up on his lap... :)

Jenn said...

Beautiful gratitude journal!

Katie said...

Mommy, that's Oliver. He's stuck under the table. Aunt Heather should help him! - Olivia

Love the precious moments and phrases that she comes up with. I used to read blogs while she was napping but she seems to make it that much more sweet. :)

Following His Footsteps: My Legacy... said...

What a great "real life" moment to capture. I love those snugly moments. Thanks for reminding us to enjoy every minute with our babes. By the way, I love the Duggars. Many people make fun of me for it, but I love their family spirit!